Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Echo Creative Club - July 2013

I am so very excited!  Jeannie asked me to be a participant in her July hop for the Echo Creative Club!  Jeannie sends the participant one of her art beads, hopefully a beautiful design will be made, and the participants post the design to their blog on July 25th.

I asked Jeannie to send me some of her Fractured Art Beads - any color, because quite frankly, each color is fabulous!  

Now, if you have never received beads from Jeannie - you are in for a treat...because her packaging is art within art!  This is what was inside the envelope...

Jeannie is not only a polymer clay bead artist and fabulous jewelry designer - but she also a Mixed Media Artist.  I am NOT Mixed Media artist, so my terminology is limited, but, she "made" that box above!

My beads were wrapped in this most awesome tissue paper, I mean, it says CHOCOLAT people!!!   How appropriate!  My two favorite things...beads and chocolate!

These are the beads Jeannie sent me and they are so beautiful!  I already have an idea  in mind...

I am not a stranger to Jeannie's art beads....I have made several pieces of jewelry in the past,  some off which I remembered to take a picture!

Please visit Jeannie's website to view her most awesome jewelry designs, words of wisdom from her blog, and her of course, her glorious beads!  I will post my final design on July 25th!

Thanks for stopping by...have a great day!



  1. Love what you've done with Jeannie's beads and I can't wait to see what you make with the new ones.
    Stay cool this week. I think summer finally arrived!

  2. Jeannie's beads/pendants are fabulous, aren't they?! I love her packaging, too. I can't wait to see what you make w/those blue ones - oh wow!! And I really like that last bracelet you did w/her beads, that is super!

  3. Jeannie's beads are beautiful! I especially like the dramatic bracelet you made with her black and gold beads - what a classic look. Looking forward to your later reveal for Echo Creative. Thought of you today - we were out on Rt. 66 and took the kids to the Bull Run water park. Have you ever been out there? It was nice and I finally saw come cidadas - and had to save a few from the water! :-)

  4. Great box, great beads! From your cool bracelets made with Jeannie's beads it looks like you will have great fun with this blog hop too. Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. Patti, you're a doll. I have been wanting to ask you for some time now. I so admire your designs and your wire work.
    With my deepest appreciate, thank you for such a lovely post. You are a bright spot in my day.

  6. Looking forward to this new treasure from you two talented artists! What a team! Your previous bracelets made with the clay beads are awesome!