Friday, November 8, 2013

I've Got the Wedding Bell Blues...

As it relates to jewelry, of course!  My sister's daughter, Sarah, recently became engaged to a sweet guy named Kevin (Finally! They have dated for years!)  Anyhoo, Sarah showed me this picture of the jewelry she wanted to wear for her engagement photos:

That is a Paloma Picasso beaded necklace folks - from Tiffany's - pricey!  But, stunning...and BLUE! All gemstones - Blue Chalcedony, Amazonite, and Gray Moonstone.  It's the Amazonite that gives that necklace its "Tiffany Blue" color.  Sarah's main color for her wedding will also be Tiffany Blue.

Tried as I may, I could not duplicate exactly those beauties you see in the picture above.  If I found Amazonite in 10mm rounds, I could not find Blue Chalcedony in the same size.  So, I just "bit the bullet" and ordered the gems.  I was a little scared at first when I opened up the package - I would never in a million years combine these stones in one piece.  But, I am not Paloma Picasso either.  I used her Tiffany necklace as a springboard, and came up with this design instead.  I bought the gems from Dakota Stones - they have never let me down!

Her wedding photographer played around with her necklace and her ring in this picture - love it!

Photo by Audra Wrisley Photography and Design
Looks even better on Sarah!  That beautiful boy in the picture is Thor - the sweetest German Shepherd you will ever meet, and one of Sarge's best friends!  Oh yeah, the handsome dude is Kevin!  Kevin is a doll - I am so happy for them both!!  Congratulations to my favorite niece named Sarah ( only niece named Sarah)!

Photo by Audra Wrisley Photography and Design

And I swear - this is the song I was singing while I made that ensemble...and I still can't get it out of my head!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Patti, you outdid yourself making this beautiful blue-themed necklace. It is gorgeous. Congrats to Sarah and Kevin - they make such a cute couple!

  2. How sweet of you to make such a beautiful set for Sarah! those stones do look very beautiful together - it gives the piece such depth! Congrats to your niece and her handsome dude Kevin!

  3. Congrats to your family, Patti! The set you made is gorgeous~beautiful blend of colors ~and that photo of Sarah's ring in with the necklace is so pretty.

  4. I really love the colors! What a beautiful set you created! The colors are so perfect together. Did I say that I really love the colors? This is ART and such a lovely gift for the bride to be. Congratulations to the happy couple. Thank You Patti for sharing your talent and work with us through your blog. I love to visit here.