Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Orphans and Glass Bead Art

I have many, many orphans...beads that is.  Sometimes I only use 5 of 6 beads in a set and I am left with that one lonely bead.  What to do?  

I combine them to make one really cool piece of jewelry!

I have purchased MANY sets of these gorgeous beads from Maryse Fritzch-Thillens of GlassBeadArt on Etsy.  Many.  I first found her shop through one of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party Hops (thank Lori!), and she lives in Luxembourg.

Photo Source: GlassBeadArt on Etsy

These beads are absolutely fascinating!  Now I am not a lampwork artist.  So, my description of how the beads are made is cryptic at best.  But, they start out with a rustic base - like something in my mind's eye that comes from Middle Earth.  Then she wraps this layer of rock crystal color on top and BAM - instant gemstone!  Well, that's how I describe them!

I had more than a handful of orphans from pretty much most of the colors that she offers.  So I made one heck of a long necklace....37" long to be exact.

Yes - a link from Cindy Wimmer's book, the Missing Link!  In the book, Kerry Bogert used this link to make fabulous earrings (I have already done that!). This time, I used them as alternating links between the wrapped beads for the necklace. 

I oxidized the sterling silver, and I swear, it took almost as much time to hand buff this piece as it did to make it! :)

But the beauty in its length is that it can be worn long...

Or doubled up for a short, two strand look.

I am so grateful to the bead artists whose blood sweat and tears allow me to create!  Thank you Maryse!

Maryse's shop can be found by clicking here

On another note, it is frigid in Northern Virginia today - blustery and cold and I am happy!  :)

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  1. Fantastic necklace. I love those beads and they don't feel like orphans at all.

  2. Beautiful, Patti... I find orphans always bring out my creativity!

  3. Oh that's lovely! A fabulous use of those lovely orphans.

  4. Patti~you brought all these orphans together to make one big beautiful family!!!
    Both you and Maryse do gorgeous work!

  5. what a beautiful way to use those orphan beads!