Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yesterday turned out to be quite an emotional day for me.  Although I moved into my new home in the beginning of March, I had settlement on my "old" home yesterday.  I went there in the morning - one last time - to make sure the mail box was empty and everything was "just right" for the new home owners.  That's when it hit's not mine anymore!

Thirteen years were spent in this house - no this HOME.  I turned 40 here...hell, I turned 50 here!  My Sam and Abby - God rest their souls - were raised father passed away when I lived here.  Sarge absolutely LOVED this fully treed backyard!  SO.MANY.MEMORIES.  I really did not expect the water works to flow...but they did.  I snapped the photos below yesterday, from my phone.

Two of my all time favorite trees are at this house. 

This Birch Tree, above grew so tall in 13 years - taller than the house itself.  It provided much need shade in the summer, and who doesn't love the bark of a birch tree when its last leaves fall?

My Japanese Maple - I swear, the leaves were a different brilliant hue every single day!  Man, I love this tree!

This is not to say I do not not love my new home, and I do!  It was just very hard to say good bye to this home!

I hope the new homeowners create as many wonderful memories as I did! Sniff! :)

Happy Wednesday - thanks for stopping by!



  1. Letting go of a place you love is very difficult. It sounds like it was a place of comfort for you. No doubt the new house will be too. A Big Hug for you, Patti!

  2. I balled my eyes out the day we sold our home in Tucson. I drive by each time I go back down there and still get a lump in my throat - memories you make in your home(s) and the joys the trees and things around them bring are priceless! It is a weird, sort of 'empty' feeling to leave them, isn't it?! Beautiful trees and photos you have here - I can see why the tears flowed.

  3. Patti, I actually started to weep when I read your story. 4 years ago I sold my HOME of 16 years. Our homes are forever in are hearts as the memories fill and remain in our hearts.

  4. It's so very hard to move from a home that has gone through so many things with you. I'm sure your new home will become as comforting as this one. Letting go of the special places in our lives is so very difficult.

  5. so hard to say goodbye to a home! when we sold our house in CA it was so hard to 'let' someone new have my house! where both my daughters had been born (well, in a hospital ... but that was the home we brought them to).