Monday, July 28, 2014


So, I made a new necklace today, and no matter what I do, my pictures just don't do the lampwork beads justice!  They are borocilicate lampwork - encased in clear - so the depth is incredible!  They are made by Jody at Inspire Glass Studio - her work is fabulous! The beads have a nugget shape, also not captured in my pictures...sigh...

I had already made the links to this chain, and then stopped to take a break.  Cindy Wimmer has a new link tutorial in Step by Step magazine.  I received the magazine last week and could not believe I had not even cracked it open yet!  Anyway, it happens to be the same link I used in my necklace - but hers was made with a twisted wire coil (my coil is plain).  But, I did use her clasp design, which creates a nice, seamless look between the links and the glad I took a break!

I normally take pictures of my necklaces, modeled by Lolita, right outside my walk-out basement door (located just off my studio).  However, there was the BIGGEST beetle I have ever seen IN MY LIFE sitting there - it was least 4" long and quite fat (I did not want to find out if it had teeth).  So, Lolita refused exit from the basement at this point (thank goodness!), so my picture of her wearing the necklace is a tad on the dark side.

It's going to take a while for that beetle to crawl up the 12 steps (or die), so I won't be making necklaces for little bit! Ha!

Last week, I made a silver bezel number with another Onyx cabachon (I had to buy a package of 12 Onyx cabs, so I you will be seeing these for a while)! This time I used it as a bracelet connector with other gorgeous beads, also by InspireGlassStudio.

I actually set two eyelets in the sides of the bezel for a nice clean finish to the focal.  

I was so pleased with how comfortable the bracelet is to wear - the focal stays dead center on my arm.  I tried to take a picture of me wearing the bracelet, but all I saw were freckles which competed with the bracelet design, so, my arm model took over.

Last up for today's post, are post-style hoop earrings.  I am so excited - I have been trying (and failing) to solder a sterling post onto a piece of wire (not an easy task) for at least a year and a half now, only to have a) the solder melt to the side of the wire, b) the teeny tiny silver post melts into a blob of nothing, or c) the post solders to the wire, but waaaaaaaaaay off center.

These are in no way perfect - touch of solder melted at the top of these copper hoops...but I am close!  

I used 12 gauge wire (copper and silver, respectively) to make these work.  I tried using 14 gauge, and I just could not line up the post with the center of the wire.  But, these are my prototypes and now that I know I can do this, I will try to perfect my technique.

Mother Nature has again blessed Northern Virginia with INCREDIBLY beautiful weather today through at least Thursday.  Unbelievable for July - so I am just going to say "thank you, Mother Nature" and not question it.  I just will not be exiting my abode via the basement walk-out door.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Enjoy your week!!



  1. That is one of my goals! Maybe you can make a tutorial one day?? I would be the first to try it!

  2. Love what you do, so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pieces, Patti (of course I am crazy about the bracelet) :)

  4. The necklace is beautiful! I saw Cindy's article in the magazine and I really loved that clasp. That bracelet is beautiful, the bezel is perfect!
    It's really chilly out this morning! A neighbor said it reminded her of upstate New York! Amazing for late July! Enjoy! And, perhaps the beetle will want to get out of the basement stairway and bask in the lovely weather!!!!

  5. Awesome work Patti all the way down to the hoop earrings. Working with wire and metal is becoming a close second love in my jewelry making, but I don't know if I will ever be as good at it as you are.

  6. Beautiful work! Not sure if I am more in love with the necklace or the bracelet.

  7. Hi Patti, congratulations on mastering soldering the post to wire. All of your pieces are beautiful.

  8. Really enjoyed seeing all of these pretty pieces! The soldering of the earring posts looks perfect from where I sit. You're really turing out some lovely pieces and I appreciate you sharing them with us on your blog. I especially love the first piece. And......good luck with the big beetle! :)

  9. Those hoops are fantastic! I wish I could do that!! and really, really loving the bezel in your bracelet - just beautiful!