Tuesday, August 26, 2014


So, my niece Rachel was due to give birth to her first born son on August 12th - he did not arrive until August 19th at 12:04 am, and in my humble opinion, he was worth the wait!  Welcome to the newest member of my family, Gavin Tyler Morris (8 lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long).

I am a terrible photographer - most of my pictures (other than jewelry) are taken with my I-Phone, and they are not publish-worthy!  Gavin is the spitting image of his father and just ADORABLE!  Love at first site!

On Sunday, Gavin met his only cousins-to-date (on Rachel's side of the family, that is), Ollie and Evie.  They were celebrating their 1 year birthday - I cannot believe one year has passed since these little tiny squirts said hello to the world!

Their Aunt Jacki made them their very own Squash Cakes - and it was their first Sugar Rush!  Evie needed no direction whatsoever (she is half Vanderbloemen, of course!).

Ollie had fun playing with the butter cream icing.  My nieces sure make the most beautiful babies!!!

While waiting for Gavin to arrive last week, I finally finished my riveted chain necklace.  This baby is 30 inches long - the picture below is before I added patina.

It is so lightweight and comfortable!  I can definitely see this layered with another necklace, as well.  Not sure what took longer - making each link or buffing off the patina!

I needed another learning experience to keep me busy, so I went to the Cratsy blog again for inspiration (this post in particular)   Ema Kilroy hit another home run with me with this bracelet.

Each "washer" is is different  - different hole size in the middle, different texture applied to each disc.  This feels so good on the wrist and was so much fun to make!  Thanks, Ema!

A month or so ago, I realized it had been some time that I had made some bracelets to donate to the 7000 Bracelets for Hope Campaign.  The bracelets, sponsored by Global Genes, are donated by artisans and given to either patient or parent advocates of those suffering from rare diseases. - a truly worthy cause!  So, I immediately turned to my all time favorite lampwork bead artist - Sue Kennedy to go bead shopping.  Her beads are ALWAYS consistently beautiful - color, size and shape!  All I had to do was say "please make me 10 sets of blue beads" and of course, she delivered!  Aren't these yummy!

I received these last week and have so far completed 5 of the 10 bracelets.  I will post pictures when I am done!

Last - but not least - I FINALLY tackled a project I have wanted to try for eons.  About a year and a half ago, Jo Tinley wrote a tutorial for making hollow beads (in copper) published on the Art Jewelry Elements blog.  I kept this tutorial in the back of my mind for so long, that I actually tried it this morning.  I am happy to say it was successful! 

I thought for sure I would ruin it - but, there I go thinking again!  I have not added patina yet, as I am going to add this as a design element for one of my blue 7000 Bracelets.  Many thanks to Jo for her tips, and for Art Jewelry Elements for sharing!

I sure hope it works when I try this again! :)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!!



  1. Congratulations to everyone ! All of those babies are adorable!! And, you certainly used your time wisely and creatively while you waited!!! I love everything you made. That hollow bead is fantastic! And the chain is to die for. Lots of great stuff coming out of that new studio!! You can spend the day in there tomorrow from what I hear of the weather. Have fun!

  2. So glad to see a post from you - it seems like it's been a while and I was going to PM you to make sure you're OK. The babies are adorable - I guess 1yr. is still a baby. I love the chain and especially the bracelet. Great work.

  3. I always enjoy your updates and seeing what you've created! Always something new and wonderful!

  4. Congrats on your newest member of the family - what a cutie. And the other two babies - oh, so adorable!! Turning 1 is so fun! I always enjoy seeing what you are creating and I love your chain! The bracelet from Ema's tutorial is awesome as well! I bet it does feel fabulous to wear!

  5. Your pictures are wonderful because they are full of joy! I also LOVE all the creations you've shown. I will be saving both the tutorial projects in the back of my mind. I'll get to them eventually. :)

  6. Patti - what beautiful kids and stunning chain! Would you ever consider giving me a lesson sone time? I live in Alexandria :-)

  7. I just love seeing your metal work - and now metal beads?! I wish I could do that!

  8. ha! I got so distracted with the beads and jewelry I forgot to say ..... CONGRATULATIONS! what a beautiful baby / babies .... I bet it is a lot of fun over at your place these days :)

  9. So lovely

    I started following your blog.

    kiss kiss


  10. There is a lot to love on this Blog Post! The babies are so very sweet....It is a pleasure to see your family grow. Continued blessings to all! I love your copper bead...it is PERFECTION! Your skills and talent are limitless! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see more!