Thursday, August 14, 2014


In my quest to continue to expand on my capabilities, I have been using rivets and cold connections in my designs.  I just recently made this bracelet - which I love!

The bracelet features a piece of tubing, flattened, with a triple strand of fine silver wire that I fused at the ends, twisted, flattened and riveted to the focal piece.  I chose 18 gauge fine silver because it is a bit more pliable than sterling silver.  Plus, I wanted the extra bright shiny pop of silver on top to stand out against the antiqued copper in this mixed metal piece.  

Although not a true cuff bracelet in the sense of the word, I shaped the focal to bend gently around the wrist, so it stays "on top" of the wrist, rather than turning around on the wrist.

Now, I have to be honest here - those are purchased rivets - Crafted Findings to be exact (purchased here) - which I love. But, last year, I actually made my first wire rivet, with the aid of an e-course from Kerry Bogert.  I have attempted to make wire rivets the "right" way since, and failed each time.  But, with the unexpected additional tips I picked up from Tracy Stanley's video, Make Metal Jewelry with Tubing, I decided to try again. (Yes - I love this video!)

So armed with 14 and 16 gauge wire, I have started on this chain.

Personally, I am finding it easier and easier with the repetitiveness of making each link.

It's still in its crude form and needs a bit of sanding (and definitely some liver of sulfur and a buff and tumble), but I see some potential here!

Have you been challenged to try something new lately?  If so, please share!

Thanks for stopping by - until next time!




  1. Patti, I always love getting your blog posts in my email inbox and seeing what you're up to. Such gorgeous creations all the time! This is super-cool!!

  2. You are really brave to tackle that bracelet! When I saw D. at colfeet playing with similar ones, I wanted to run away and hide. I even "lost" (on purpose) the pre-made rivets I'd recently bought so I wouldn't have to face them. Maybe you'll inspire me. Eventually.

  3. That is a GREAT bracelet.....terrific design! The copper chain is already gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog, and now I found you and Mary on facebook too!

  4. really loving the tubing ... it gives the piece such depth!

  5. What a great design! Rivets can be challenging to say the least - unless you're doing them daily. Yours look awesome!!