Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Something old...and something new...

A couple of years ago (shame on me!), my sister-in-law handed me these two purple stripe sea shells that she picked up on her beach vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  The shells are striking - purple and white stripes (my school colors!).  Rhonda has always had an obsession with the color purple!  They are not large - the largest is about an inch or so in length.

Anyway, she gave them to me and said, "maybe you can think of something to do with these".  I knew back then exactly what I wanted to do.  But I also knew I lacked ALL skills to do it.  So, I put them in my special ceramic bowl ....my inspiration bowl of gorgeous beads...waiting for the day I finally felt confidant enough to try to make a keepsake.

So, here is my very first prong setting...crude, though I actually prefer to use the term "organic".  

I could not decide which of the shells to use - each had their own special beauty.  So, I used them both.

The bail is a commercial, sterling silver bail that would be great for leather, cording, or even some silk.  But, I do not use fibers in my work, and thought this bail  with its hammered finish brought presence to the top of pendant.  So, I soldered it to the top of the piece.

There are 18 separate solder joins - and no "re-do's".  Here is a picture of the back.

It hangs very nicely on this 18th sterling chain, too.

It is so not perfect...but, maybe I can perfect his technique in time! 

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  1. I love it and it looks perfect to me! You realize we are our own worst critics, don't you?! Seriously, I love what you did with the shells. They are beautiful and the prong setting doesn't take away from them. I really envy you your soldering skills!

  2. It turned out great! I too, wish I had your soldering skills! Pretty seashells in a pretty setting!

  3. what a beautiful necklace! the colors in the shell are so lovely, and your work frames it so perfectly

  4. Beautiful!! I'm so impressed with all your incredible soldering work lately -- the stunning adjustable bracelets & now this amazing necklace! How did you do that? The delicate shells held so gracefully in your silver prongs are awe inspiring!

    You inspire me xxoo

  5. Gorgeous. I love that you used them both. You definitely did right by your special stash!