Monday, March 30, 2015

A few new things to share....

So, Christine commented on one of my last posts that she likes to do "routine" beading when her muse is asleep.  I thought that was a brilliant idea. My muse was gone - so - I was hoping that doing something familiar would help to wake her up.  First, I made this necklace.

I am so in love with these hand cast pewter crosses from Inviciti!  When purchasing, one has the choice of finish on the pewter - I asked for this one to be kept completely aged - no buffing.  I love it! This is the third pearl and pewter cross necklace that I have made - each one a bit different.  The pearls have large holes to accommodate wire, fiber, even leather. 

I always think of Michelle when I pick up a pearl, as she is an expert and her designs are exquisite! These have such a lovely peacock sheen!  I added a bit of sterling riveted chain to this necklace, and I soldered up the clasp for added security as well.

I also made yet another Spinner Ring - this time with 3 spinners.  This is the second attempt for this ring. For the first attempt, I had the most beautiful texture on my silver.  On my very last "bang of the hammer" to form the anticlastic curve that holds those satellite rings in place, my base ring split - right smack dab down the middle.  Who knew that I had that much strength???  That mistake put me back another day, as I dropped everything right then and there and stormed out of my studio in disgust.  But, I am still pleased with this second attempt.  The center satellite ring is the only copper in the ring, but I soldered on a tiny bezel set turquoise cabochon.

Lastly, I made a little pendant with a Malachite Cabochon.  The banding of the green in this cab is so pretty - blue and green will always remain my favorite colors.

During my "break" I also revisited an online jewelry making class in Precious Metal Clay.  I have now viewed this class - over the past 12 months - 3 times.  In addition, I have read (and re-read) several books on PMC. Let's face it - I am not getting any younger here.  So, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a kiln last Friday.  In fact, I just got the email that it the kiln is en route and should be here within the next 3 days or so.  I don't think I have ever been more nervous, but, I am fully stocked in fire extinguishers (two in my studio, as a matter of fact).  Although my studio does have a built-in exhaust system, I may actually fire it outside the first few times....just in case!

Lastly, Cynthia posted a picture on her blog (prompted by Christine) of some gnomes that live at her office (her office beer garden to be exact)!  I thought I would share a picture of my gnomes.  These ceramic gnomes were made by my mother many, many years ago.  When she moved up here from Florida, my sister and I went down there to sort through her belongings and I snagged these up knowing I would find the perfect spot in my yard. These little guys (not so little!) sit under a tree right outside my walk-up basement - I smile every time I see them!

It is a beautiful - and I mean BEAUTIFUL - day here in Northern Virginia - 62 degrees as I type this. Could it be...has Spring finally sprung??  Let's hope so!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



  1. Yay! ~ you are back in the saddle again! I love the pearls in the necklace and the riveted links! And has always been a favorite of mine and I always forget that until I see it again. This is a gorgeous pendant! The spinner is so cool and a good signature style for you. And the Mom-made gnomes ~ how incredibly adorable!!! I love the guy who is either laying down or has the illusion of being buried up to his neck. Glad to hear you have Spring temps...we are expecting a few inches of snow tomorrow...can you believe it?!? Good luck with the PMC ~ you will be showing us some gorgeous items you made with that soon :-)

  2. All this work is beautiful. I pearl necklaces. I have been looking at the Invicti pieces where you can choose the finish, so it is fun to see one "in action". How exciting to get a kiln! Can't wait to see what treasures you make as you start to use it. I love the photo of the gnomes your mom made. My favorite things in my home were made by family members. Beautiful from people full of talent and infused with love.

  3. Love this pendant! It's gorgeous! I love the setting you created for it! Glad you got the kiln! I am looking forward to seeing your PMC pieces. Thanks for sharing your talent with us....and I love the gnomes your Mom made. They make me smile too!