Sunday, June 7, 2015

Slowly getting back into the swing of things...

It has been a busy two months around here!  My niece and her family have settled into our house and will be moved into their home at the end of June.  I am not a Mom (well, dog mom counts, right?), but it has been such a pleasure to have this little guy hanging around the house.

Yesterday Gavin and his folks were out and about and I headed to the studio.  I was attempting to make a Spinner Bangle.  I say attempt, because the first two copper bangles split at the solder seam ON THE VERY LAST BANG OF THE HAMMER.  Frustration!  Well, when I was forming the bangle the third and last time, I remembered why it split!  I had used copper solder on the first two bangles.  Now, copper solder is great - it's a good color match to the copper and holds just as well as silver solder...unless I have to further shape the bangle and apply pressure with a hammer!  I learned this the hard way a few months ago, but I had not made a bangle in a few months and simply forgot.  Well, once I switch to tried-and-true hard silver solder, it worked!

Of course, other metalsmith's may not encounter this problem...but I do each and every time.  Same for spinner rings - I always use hard silver solder.

While the first spinner bangle was in the tumbler, I wanted to see if I could make anticlastic cuff. This is 18 gauge copper - it's thick. The edges looked fine "folded", but I wanted a cleaner look. So, I melted a bunch of scrap sterling silver into balls, and soldered them onto the ends of the cuff.

The hardest part was creating a perfect flat spot on the ends, where the balls are soldered.

I really like this cuff, as it is adjustable and can fit just about any wrist size.  It goes on similar to a bangle - over the hand - and then lightly squeeze it to conform to the wrist.

I recently acquired a beautiful strand of turquoise. I love this gemstone, and the blues and greens in these barrels are exquisite. I paired the turquoise with some tiny hand cut copper tabs. I textured the copper with my rolling mill, and added tube rivets.

It was a good day!

It is gorgeous outside today - I am going to attempt to get out there to enjoy a bit of the sunshine! My allergies, which I apparently now have at the ripe young age of 54 (go Allegra!), may say otherwise and force me back inside!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!



  1. All three of these are beautiful pieces. The spinner bangle is all the more so because you have such perseverance!

  2. Love the patina on the copper!

  3. Well little Gavin looks like a lot of fun to have around the house for sure - I'm sure plenty of giggles with that little guy. The metal work is gorgeous and I adore those earrings!

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  5. Oh yeah, the little guy is a cutie! I'd hate to see that one go!

    I always love your jewelry, and today's showing is no different! I have a special soft spot for the copper and silver spinner bracelet! And thanks for sharing the soldering tip!

  6. Busy day, indeed - and some really beautiful pieces! I love the elegance you bring to your work.

  7. Beautiful beautiful work, that bangle bracelet i stunning! I could so rock those earrings, turquoise is my favorite as well!

  8. Gavin is adorable :-)
    And the jewelry ~ always a pleasure to see what is fresh out of the Patti Studio ~ That spinner bracelet is so cool, and that cuff!!! Love that cuff ~ the folds, silver ends, texture ~ all wonderful!!! The turquoise earrings are beauties.

  9. The bracelets look great .. Love how you did the ends on the cuff..

  10. Gavin is one cute dude! Love his sweet smile. All of these pieces are terrific and I am especially drawn to the design of the cuff! That is my favorite! Your earrings are awesome....turquoise and copper is a great combination! I don't know how you do all you do, but I am sure glad that you do..... do it.

  11. I just love seeing your work. That spinner bangle is to die for! Now I am really regretting my car and old dog issues. That bangle I won from you have become the one bracelet every day.

  12. Wow! These are lovely pieces! Such a cute little grand-nephew, too!