Monday, November 2, 2015

Post time!

I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post on the Love My Art Jewelry blog (link here) about how I recycle some of my sterling silver scraps - the leftover's from my projects. It seems, these days, that all of my blog posts are lengthy!  Perhaps because I spend so much time alone in my studio and blogging is my method of conversation?!

Silver scraps
Anyway - I don't want to bore you in repeating myself - in case you actually read that blog, too- so I just wanted to share what I made!

Post earrings!  It seems that my work - at least with components - is getting smaller, and smaller! :) I have two favorites here...and they are tied for first place!

First up are these turquoise posts.  These stones are just drop dead gorgeous with the blue and green veining (from Dakota Stones).  Plus, turquoise is my birth stone, so always special to me!

With my continuing fundraising efforts for Miracle Horse Rescue, I had to make these!

The little pony posts have sold!

Can you believe it?  This blog post is done!  I will make up for it in my next post, 'cause I am going to have a stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!  Have a great week!



  1. I love what you've made with your scraps. Those earrings are beautiful! And, the horse earrings are perfect!

  2. I love your posts. The fabrication details are fascinating and of course I love seeing the finished products!

  3. Shared and shopped! Nothing better than that!! Thank you for all you do Patty it doesn't go unnoticed !!

  4. those sunburst earrings are fantastic!!! real treasures! keep on keeping on with these :-)