Friday, October 26, 2018 has been a while!

by Patti Vanderbloemen

I have not written a post in this blog space of mine for nearly 2 years. Frankly, I am not sure that many people actually read my posts, as it appears that Social Media has taken over the "communication stratosphere".  But, I wanted to share something that is just too verbose to put on a Face Book post.

For the past 6 months, my little family and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Florida. After several scouting trips South, we narrowed down the location to the Tampa area, as my folks lived there for over 25 years and I quite liked it! We closed on our last (I SWEAR-NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE!!) forever home last month, and we will be heading South for good sometime in February 2019.

The good news is that we will be moving less than 15 minutes away from Mom's "old neighborhood" and I am hoping there will be more interactions for her with some of her old friends!

African Turquoise and Carnelian 
It's has been very stressful, to say the least - and the move has not even begun! We have a few more trips planned (including one this upcoming week) - all related to prepping the house for final move-in.  So, my creative time in the studio these days has been extremely limited.

Hammered Copper and Silver Hoops
I am simply peppering this post with some of my latest designs - all favorites!

Patterned Sterling Silver and Blue Chalcedony

Royston Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring
The administrative details to moving out of state are overwhelming to me - I won't bore you with the details. I have a bit of organizational OCD though, so, what is easy for some, is not for me!
Hammered Sterling Silver Hoops
In moving over 900 miles from here, I am leaving my immediate family members: sister and brother in law, nieces and their spouses, great nieces and nephews, brother and sister in law, etc. THIS has made the decision so hard. But, my in-laws also live in Florida - albeit the East Coast - and it is important to be less than 3 hours away from them now. This constant flying back and forth is a life only for the birds these days.  Life is a balancing act...

Photo Credit via Pinterest 

When we moved into our current home less than 5 years ago, I was blessed to have the studio of my dreams! I even made sure to have a sink in this space! Prior to that, my space was in my unfinished basement-definitely an upgrade.  In my new home, it will be in the garage. However, the garage is actually quite suited to metalsmithing and I will have a/c so I won't faint from the Florida heat! :) Frankly, the heat in Virginia is not much better!

In preparing to move, The Purge has begun...big time. When it comes to my studio and all my materials, I have been separating items that I just don't use anymore: lots, and lots of beads, findings,  a few tools, etc.  I don't know if I should have some sort of destash event on Face book - or just box up the whole lot and give it away to a charitable organization who may benefit from these treasured goodies.  Anyone have a suggestion? Would anyone be interested in a destash event - or - know of a place where I send these goodies off where they will actually be used?  I would appreciate any and all feed back!

There will obviously be a lag time from when I close down my online shop while I move and set up. I hope I still have customers and followers when that time scares me a bit! (Honestly, it scares me more than just a bit)

But, in the end, this will be my new view from my kitchen....I am hoping it will all be worth it when the dust finally settles!

My best to all who took the time to read this - thanks for stopping by!



  1. I know how you are feeling Patti, but you will make the move and all will be good, you will find that your followers will still be right where you left them, and you will have new views to inspire you. You will now be only one state away from me, well that is until I move to Michigan either the fall of 2019 or the spring of 2020. Oh yeah that view from your kitchen window Wow awesome!!!!
    All the best to you and your move. Oh and I would do a destash sale and give to the rest to a nursing home or to a after school program.

  2. You are moving Therese!!! I wish you a smooth move as well! Nursing home or the like - that is such a good idea! Thank you!

  3. I have come to believe that change is good....exhausting but good! I always read your blog and I also follow you on Facebook under my husband's (Walter Gross) account. I always love your jewelry and the exceptional workmanship. I recently "purged" my studio and gave my excess to the Menominee Indian Reservation's library in Keshena, Wisconsin. They have a "maker's room" where young and old can go to make things. You could also check into the Facebook group "Artists For Animals Auction" that begins on 10-29-18 through 11-04-18. I have sold some of my jewelry and some of Walter's lampwork beads and donated all the proceeds to our favorite animal organization. I wish you good luck in your new endeavor and look forward to seeing more jewelry....and blog posts! :)

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary! And, I particularly love the tips on where I can donate some of my things - I appreciate that so much!

  5. It's nice to see your blog again. Good luck with your move. I'd be interested in a destash event. That said, donating is also a good idea. High schools? Community Colleges? Senior Centers? There's also a thing called "Tool Box Initiative" that sounds useful. Again, good luck!

    1. Great ideas, thank you! Tool Box initiative, especially! Appreciate it!

  6. Hmmm...don't know why my comment published as "unknown" - it's from Pollyanna Randol.

  7. How exciting Patti! A move can bring so many new opportunities, but can also be such a huge undertaking! Especially moving to a different state! My family on my dads side is from Florida. There is even a Dekle beach! We dont get there often, but if we do I will come visit you!!! As far as your supplies, maybe a local college or art school can benefit from your gift? I'm so excited for you Patti!

    1. Dekle awesome! I can honestly say I would prefer tohave a root canal in every remaining tooth in my mouth than move again! Ha! But, I am trying to remain positive throughput and keep telling myself “it’s worth it”! Thanks for your donation suggestions!!!

  8. How exciting, I agree! I used to move around all the time, but have been in my current house for 14 years. Although moving is stressful, I kind of miss the fun of rearranging in a new space, and starting new traditions. Good luck, and yes please on a destash, what fun!

  9. Well, you have a good reason for all of your career-related moves! I a, of the mindset that this is a new adventure in the next chapter of my life! 😊. Thank you for the well wishes!