Thursday, February 2, 2012

BSBP - What I Sent My Partner (hint: lots of Artisan Beads!)

I was paired with Natasha Lutes of N's Whims for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party.  I shared in a previous post what her soup contained. Natasha does not work with a lot of silver - but that is the metal that I tend to veer towards.  So, going by Lori's suggestion to send what "we" like, I picked from my favorite color palettes, as well as my favorite artists.  Here is what I sent to Natasha:

  • Two gorgeous, handcrafted porcelain focal pendants by Nancy Schindler These pendants are made in my favorite color – blue.  She is so creative, and I just love her work!
  • Two sets of lamp work spacer beads by Kelley Ford Wenzel in two different shades of blue. Kelley was one of the first lamp work artists that I found on the Internet and I love the colors of these beads - especially with the chosen focal.
  • A set of white, sparkly mini-spacer lamp work beads by artist Sue Kennedy.  I have purchased A LOT of beads from Sue – her work is phenomenal!  She has named these beads “white sparkly pixie” as the glass is rolled in pixie dust.  Such a nice shimmer to these beads!
  • I needed a secondary color - something that popped with the blue.  So, I included two, yellow enameled filigree rounds from Anne Gardanne.  Anne also makes exceptional lamp work beads, but her enamel work is just gorgeous!
  • I also included two, fairly large sterling silver Bali beads and some sterling silver chain.
  • I had the hardest time finding a clasp!  Ever since I bought Denise Peck's book "Handcrafted Findings", I have been making alot of my own clasps (as well as ear wires, connectors, etc.)!  So, I made two of them:

I worried most about the clasps - I hope they don't appear to be "too homemade", if you know what I mean!

I cannot wait to see what Natasha has created!  Be sure to come back on March 3 for the reveal!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Oh Patti, I think the clasps are beautiful and I LOVE all of the beads you chose to send to Natasha. You did great in generously sharing gorgeous components and not sending leftovers you don't really need. Can't wait to see what she makes and what you get in return!

    1. Blogger is being so weird and not letting me comment, so I am replying to Kelley's comment! She is getting a wonderful set of beads from you and your clasps are wonderful!

  2. Patti, you sent Natasha a fabulous bead soup! I love the mix of handmade beads...and your own wirework clasps are the perfect complement. I agree, Denise's book is really great for component ideas. Looking forward to seeing the finished necklace next month! :-)

  3. I love that you sent so many artisan components...including your own handmade clasps. They are gorgeous! I also love the pop of yellow with the blue.

  4. The clasps are great! Just the RIGHT touch of handmade, if you know what I mean. :D

  5. Great set of soup to send. Love your clasp.

  6. Hi Patti, I really like the bead soup you sent Natasha. I love the color palette, shades of blue are one of my favorites and always look stunning with silver.
    The handmade findings are perfect! I really enjoyed Denise's book on handcrafted findings....will check back on the big reveal day:)

  7. What lovely soup!!! Your clasps are gorgeous that look very professional, anyone would love to be gifted them. Looking forward to reveal day.