Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happily Ever After - with Erin Prais-Hintz

So here I was surfing Facebook a week or so ago, when Jennifer Justman of Souls Fire Design shared a link to this pendant:
Photo by Erin Prais-Hintz (her pictures are MUCH better than mine!)

I have admired Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati's  Simple Truth's Pendants forever. Each piece of handmade art tells its own story - I marvel at her attention to the intricate details!  This particular pendant is made from polymer clay, set in a bezel, hand stamped, painted, is gorgeous! This pendant was created specifically for the Storybook theme going on right now. You can read more about this exciting adventure on Erin's blog - here
My beautiful niece, Rachel, is getting married on May I had to have it! I made the jewelry for Rachel's eight bridesmaids can read about that by clicking here.
I wish I had taken a picture of Erin's package - a pillow box with her signature key - it was so sweet!  In my haste of opening the package, I did not take a picture (I'll just have to place another order!)  She also included a very nice card - it felt like Christmas and I was receiving a gift!  If you are reading this Erin, thank you...your presentation is stellar!
Anyway, I received it on Wednesday and was so excited to create with this little treasure!  This is what I created:

The colors of this pendant looked vintage and I wanted to keep that feeling in the piece.  I happened to have some beautiful Swarovski pearls in my stash.  I made a "pearl chain" using Vintaj brass wire.  Instead of using jump rings, I deconstructed a vintaj brass chain and used the individual links from a Vintaj to connect the pearl links. 

I found some small, cranberry colored pearls in my HUGE stash, as well.  I wanted to bring out the cranberry color in the "crown" from the pendant...just in touches throughout the necklace.  So, I used some antique brass bead caps and very fine brass headpins to make tiny little flowers.
I wire wrapped 3 more "pearl flowers" to the bottom of the pendant.

Unlike her Aunt Patti, Rachel has been blessed with a long, slender neck and she wears the longer-style earrings beautifully!

Rachel loved her gift!  Thank you, Erin, for creating such inspiring designs!

PS:  Blogger has been giving me fits all weekend!  I had to write this post 5 times, as it would just disappear while I was typing! I don't even want to discuss the problem I am having with line spacing....ugh!

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  1. That is just marvelous Miss Patti! I love the beautiful set that you created for Rachel. And what a special meaning it will have as she starts out her new life. Thank you for letting me play a small part in bringing joy to Rachel. The glory goes to your design!
    Enjoy the day!

    P.S. I just have to correct one thing... the bezel setting is not Vintaj. But this was created specifically for the Storybook theme going on right now!

  2. Patti, loved this post! I agree - Erin's handmade pendants, the Simple Truths line really comes from the heart and is full of beautiful details. What a perfect pendant - I can see why it caught your eye right away! I LOVE what you created with it- from the colors, to the pearl flowers. That subtle pop of color is so eye-catching! And I know exactly what you mean about Erin's packaging - it is in a league of its own, isn't it?

  3. Beautiful! What a great pendant choice for a wedding!
    I love Erin's Simple Truths pendants as well! Just got me one last week - a Motley Owl.