Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bubbilicious and More

I have made another small dent in the goodies gifted to me from Jan Onipenco of Molten Mayhem. Jan donated these beads to support my efforts for my fundraiser for Miracle Horse Rescue!  First up, these deliciously colorful beads.  I named that focal Bubbilicious - I still cannot believe that is one piece of glass!

I sat down at my bench with Cindy Wimmer's new book, The Missing Link.  I made 7 different links that I thought might work with the focal bead.  Here is a bad IPad picture of 5 of them.  

I love each of the links, but did not feel they would be substantial enough to work with the focal.  So, I ended up with these.

I made a small bail to mimic the marquis- shaped beads.  The focal is wired onto heavy, 14 gauge wire.

Lots of time was spent buffing the patina on this baby!  My hands were black! But, well worth it - I love how this turned out!

I still have not found the perfect location for Lolita - my model.  This picture was taken in my basement - Lolita is standing in front of a white backdrop with 3 photo lamps, one of which is in my left hand, while the camera is in my right - and I am standing on a chair!

Matching Earrings too!  I am really loving the colors in these beads!

Next, I pulled out this beautiful bead.

I lost count on how many colors were swirled together!  I thought about combining some gemstones to make a necklace...but, I ended up with a "simple" chain.

The focal "bail" is a soldered ring of 14 gauge copper.  After soldering, I took two lengths of 20 gauge copper and balled the ends in the flame, and coiled them on opposite sides.  

Sidenote: I have tried copper solder in the recent past and it was an epic fail!  I had made 20 soldered rings and when I went to texture the rings, every single one split at the join.  I now have a 15 pound coil of copper solder that is going to be sitting in a draw unused!  This particular copper solder claims to be a better color match to the copper-it isn't!  Due to the metal content, the copper solder has a slightly gray color after soldering and pickling. I tried electro-plating the piece (adding a piece of steel to the pickle), but it was not working.  Two-toned metal rings is not the look I was going for.  So, my solution is these little coils to disguise the join.   I know...TMI!

I made a bead cap for this beauty, and wired it to the ring.  

I added some smaller soldered rings throughout the chain, to match the focal, and yes, there is another link from Cindy's book - Curlicue!   Love this link!

This one looks awesome when worn - well, except on Lolita!  Anyway, the drape is beautiful, even if my picture is not!

These creations will be in my Etsy shop - all proceeds will be donated to Miracle Horse Rescue.

Thank you again, Jan, for the beautiful beads, and Cindy for the wire inspiration!  I have six more sets of Jan's beautiful beads to go!  

Hope you all have a great day - thank you for stopping by!



  1. I absolutely love that bead, Patti!! And, I love the links you settled on. It really did need something substantial. The earrings are great too. The second necklace is beautiful too. I love that bead also. I guess I love all of those beads!
    Enjoy our fall weather!

  2. Patti that is just gorgeous. The bead is beautiful but you really did it justice with your chain - really great.

  3. Bubblicious was quite the undertaking and looks beautiful in the first few photos, but the photo of Lolita wearing it makes it looks Sensational!!! Gorgeous, unique, and worth the acrobatics to get a good photo! I really love the links and the flow of the second necklace. Keep in making those links, Patti! You are the best at doing them!

  4. Wow, these are awesome, Patti... you are really loving Cindy's book, I see!

  5. Absolutely stunning, I just love what you have done.