Friday, October 25, 2013

Thank you to Jeannie Dukic!

Another wonderful artist has yet again donated to me some gorgeous handmade beads!  These beads will be hopefully finding their way into one of my jewelry pieces, and proceeds from the sales will be donated to Miracle Horse Rescue.

Artist Jeannie Dukic contacted me last week and offered to send me some beads.  Heck yeah!! Jeannie  makes the most incredible polymer clay beads. Peeled paint, faux stoneware, faux basha beads, charms, pendants - the famous gin blossom - and now, her newest creations which she has entitled Polarity.

These babies will fool your eye for sure - they look just like lampwork!  

Look at the incredible depths of color and the shine!

I am a sucker for blue and green!

I just love the texture on the pendant above!

Look at the gorgeous metallic finish on the Eternity Charms above!  You would swear they were a copper bead that had a liver of sulfur bath and went through the buffing and tumbling process to achieve that gorgeous color!

I actually finished one piece of jewelry already, as I could not wait to see these beads in a necklace!

I generally do not sketch - I cannot even read my own grocery lists, much less draw out a design.  I usually just sit down at the bench with my beads of choice (that is half the battle, as my stash is huge and I want to use every bead RIGHT NOW!!) and start bending wire.  I could not do that with these beads, as I tend to add patina to my wire AFTER my design is complete. I did not want to ruin the polymer, obviously, so.. I sketched! Kinda.  Then, I made my links, jump rings, lengths of wire, etc., gave them a bath in liver of sulfur, buffed until my hands were black...I even tumbled the wire prior to final construction.  Then I prayed.  

Why yes, that happens to be a link from Cindy Wimmer's new book, The Missing Link.  That is one piece of wire all swirled into one link.  Very cool link, Cindy!!  It looks delicate, but that's 18 gauge wire and once it is tumbled and hardened, that baby keeps it shape!  I love that link!

The best part about this necklace is how lightweight if feels when worn!  I made it choker length - so it could peak out from the collar or lay right atop the neckline.

I dragged Lolita outside for her model shot late this afternoon, as there was still a bit of sunshine.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jeannie, for your generous contribution for my efforts to raise funds for Miracle Horse Rescue!  The equines thank you, too!

Please be sure to visit Jeannie's shop and grab some of these beauties - you will NOT be disappointed!  Her shop can be found by clicking here

Thanks for stopping by today - have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Your words here have touched me deeply. I don't even know where to begin or how to express myself. I have such love and admiration(and your masterful wirework) for what you're doing it touches my soul. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of it.

  2. Once again, you've done a fantastic job with beautiful beads! I love those links!

  3. Your coil links between the beads are Gorgeous! Another stellar piece, Patti :-) I never get tired of telling you that.

  4. Beautiful effects on the polymer beads. And another stunning design you've made. I'm so happy you are doing this for the horses.

  5. I could look at your wire work all day long Patti! It is gorgeous and luscious and well stunning. You've really showcase those new beads of yours

  6. Patti, what an incredibly beautiful necklace! And I'm happy to see how you paired the links with Jeannie's pretty beads - and all for such a good cause. You really inspire me.