Thursday, October 16, 2014

Practice Makes I continue to practice...

Anyone else ever feel like they are in a rut?  You know....same thing...different day?  I have felt that way with my jewelry designs for quite some time.  While I always use beautiful artisan beads, I try to add a new technique often to help me feel like I am expanding my horizons.  I dunno....

Here is an overall picture of what I have made the past couple of days.  Lots of metal, with a few choice art beads added in for good measure.

So, first up is this cuff bracelet.  I needed to make just one more tab setting to make sure it was not a fluke!

I just love how this one turned out.  I riveted the tab setting to the cuff, before setting the tabs on the sterling disc.

I have quite the collection of artisan lampwork cabochons.  First up is this lovely purple ammonnite made by Susan Kennedy of Sue Beads.  

I silver bezel-set this beauty.  It was going to be a pendant, but, I felt adventurous, crossed my fingers,  and instead, made it into a ring.

I intentionally sized this on the small side - it fits perfectly on my mother's index finger....have I mentioned in the past that my mother is obsessed with purple???  Well...she is!  She wore this all day yesterday!

Then, I happened upon this beautiful cab that I purchased from Kerry Bogert a couple of years ago.  She no longer makes lampwork at this time (snif!), so it is special to me!

I soldered the ring ever so slightly off center - again - I wanted it to fit snugly on the index finger.

And it fits exactly how I wanted it to - but it may look like a mistake to the average customer.  So, not sure this will sell. I need a manicure...and some hand lotion!

Anyway, I also made two spinner rings - each with a different hammered texture. Here is a close-up of one of the rings.

I kept the metal with silver on silver - I used a heavy gauge for the base ring and it is substantial -  has quite the spin to it - great when sitting at a red light!

Lastly, I remade a bezel set pendant.  I had this absolutely lovely Laguna Lace Agate cabachon from Lexx Stones.  I originally set it in the most ugly setting possible (unintentional, of course):

I am almost embarrassed to show the picture above!  I have not yet mastered asymmetry design - it's like I have a mental block.  Anyway, I set this monstrosity aside for two months - disgusted with its outcome.  Yesterday, I took it apart and remade the pendant.

Love the gallery wire - what a challenge to work with!  I had done some research before using this particular bezel wire.  It likes to "move" when you barely even touch it with a flame.  So, I used some steel binding wire to "tie it together" while soldering.  The back of a piece is as important as the front - well, at least it is in my eyes.  So, I added a little copper sparkle.

This is going in my jewelry box!

I think a few of these items are good enough to go into my shop....practice..practice..practice.

Thanks for stopping by today - love to read your comments!!



  1. Lovely pieces, Patti :) I loved reading that you used something you bought YEARS ago (so glad I'm not the only one who who keeps special beads FOREVER!)

  2. I can't imagine you ever feel in a rut with your designs. To me, you are always trying (and excelling!) at new techniques. It is fun to read about and see.

  3. What beautiful peices, you always make such lovely jewellery!

  4. oh my!!! I'm drooling over these Patti! I LOVE those rings! especially the crazy swirl one - that is AWESOME! and the spinner ring? so cool .... I'm in love with the last bezeled stone ... looks so medieval LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that!

  5. Oh so beautiful Patti!! All of these!! Love that rivet. And such a cool tab setting. You are amazing!!!

  6. all three rings are fantastic! really lovely! that spinner one really grabs my attention, as does the black and white one. And the redo of the Lace Agate was a good call. Your initial setting itself doesn't look bad, but the new setting really brings out the best in the stone. Enjoy wearing it! You are bound to get lots of compliments!

  7. Wonderful!!! If practice makes perfection... you are already there!!!!! :)

  8. Well, I think ALL of these pieces are good enough for your shop! Just because it was for your mom, I won't whine about the purple ring...AND because I'm so thrilled that you are wearing some of your gorgeous designs, I won't whine about the agate cab...but boy, do I want to! That gallery wire really sets it off beautifully. I think the ring will sell just fine if you put that explanation in the description. Cause I just love how it sits perfectly on your hand. You are the bomb woman!

  9. Each piece is just stunning, love them all!

  10. You are far too humble about your work. It is not only is beautifully made. Great job and gorgeous jewelry pieces...a good combination!

  11. Your pieces are beautiful! Practice does make perfect! Metal is such a cool medium to work with.

  12. All of these pieces look great....I expecially like the spinner rings! Your last necklace is gorgeous ... very different from the first setting which I liked as well! You are very hard on yourself. So many of us would love to be able to create these lovely pieces. It takes a lot of time,, and yes...practice! Thanks for another great post!

  13. Love the new setting for the last necklace you made.