Monday, October 20, 2014

Put a Ring On It

I can honestly state that I have never heard one complete song by Beyonce - I am a Classic Rock and Classic Country Girl.  But, the title lyrics seemed to fit what I have been concentrating on.

I added 8 rings to my shop, in multiple sizes.  I truly, truly was exhilarated while making each and every one of these.  Not my usual stuff.  Expanding the horizons.  All good!  Here are a few closeups:

The spinner ring below was a bugger to photograph - that is a crystal clear Blue Topaz, tiny cabochon, that likes to pick up the colors of every prop in my photos, no matter which way I turned the ring.

I always love the look of mixed metals, and was so pleased with the texture on the ring below.

Love this beaded wire posing as the satellite ring.

I had this Mahogany Obsidian cabochon FOREVER.

These stacking rings are THICK - 10 gauge wire - there was definitely extra annealing of the wire required in order to forge these into rings for soldering.

It's Monday...time to start something new!

Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful day!  (I love to read your comments!)



  1. OMG!!! These are just BEAUTIFUL, Patti!!! I love spinner rings and these are great! I love the mixed metal one. And, the one with the cab is gorgeous! You have been busy!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! The spinners are fantastic ~ warm, great textures, movement. Stackers are always a favorite of mine in their simplicity. And the cab ~Wow ~ what a lovely piece!

  3. Gorgeous rings! Those spinners are fantastic. Like you I'm a fan of the 70's classic rock. I don't care for rap. Just give me that old rock and roll.

  4. I really, really love those spinner rings, but I have learned my lesson in what width I can wear and what I can't. Love those skinny ones too, the mix of metals and texture is just delicious!!

  5. Those are beautiful! I especially am drawn to the spinner rings.

  6. I LOVE these rings! Gorgeous work. Plus, the title made me go listen to the Beyonce song, so I got music and pretties at the same time.

  7. WOW!!! amazing works!!! Especially the Obsidian cabochon ring... wonderful!!!