Sunday, March 8, 2015


So, I have faithfully changed every clock in the house...except the one in my studio, which is where I am sitting at this very moment.  I am still trying to figure out who to blame for Daylight Saving Time.  I should not be tired...I had the same amount of sleep last night as every night. But, my head has been in a fog all day long.    I read somewhere that the affects of Daylight Saving Time are similar to jet lag - and I agree! I will never understand the logic behind this changing of the time...never.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and purchased some forming stakes.  It has been my goal for some time to learn how to create anticlastic shapes.  I have made my share of spinner rings  - which have the beginnings of this shape - this one below is MY FAVORITE - oozing with texture!  I achieved that luscious texture with a hammer.

But I want to make Spinner Bangles.  The techniques and tools involved in making the rings is totally different for bangles.  

I always begin slowly when learning a new technique.  First I have master creating a bangle - solo - no spinner!  Part of my purchases included two similar Fretz hammers - one to aide in achieving the curves WITHOUT texture (nylon tip) and one with texture (metal).

These are the some of the steel stakes that I used.  As you can see, each stake is made with specific curves to achieve a concave or convex curve to the metal.

I should have started with a cuff.  But...I actually made bangles, which involved soldering (more on that further down in this post).  This was the first proto-type bangle I made, using the nylon hammer with no texture.  I used 18 gauge copper sheet metal, and it's about 5/8" wide.

I was ready to add texture, and made this bangle.  It measures a little over 1" wide.

While I do love the smoothness of the first bangle, I am a texture girl!  I attempted to make a second and yes, a third bangle - spinner style.  BUT, I am having issues with hammering along the solder seam.  Each of the subsequent bangles split right at the seam.  I need to continue to practice - perhaps anneal more in the process.  I will get there!

I have also wanted to bezel set a cab on a cuff - not an easy task (for me)!  There is an obvious curve on the cuff, and well, the cab is flat!  I did manage to complete this bracelet - and it was gifted to one of my nieces.  No anticlastic curves on the cuff - but - for me - it was challenging!

Gorgeous flash in that Labradorite!  

I have spent quite a bit of time researching these techniques.  If you have some time on your hands (and if you have not already), just Google the name Soham Harrison.  He is a master metalsmith with amazing You-Videos (free) for just about every technique I want to learn!

As usual, I am ending this blog post with comments related to the weather.  Last week was AWFUL.  It began with an ice storm last weekend, and in my neck of the woods, progressed to an 8" snowfall last Thursday.  It hit 55 degrees today, and there is actual grass to be seen where we shoveled snow trails in the backyard for Sarge.  My gutters have not stopped singing that wonderful song of melting ice.  I have never in my life longed for Spring.  I am Chicago-born and truly do enjoy the snow.  But this winter has resulted in way-too-many consecutive days below freezing.  There is definitely light at the end of this long-winter tunnel!  Hooray!!!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a lovely week!



  1. Ooooo your workbench is full of wonderful toys!! I can totally understand why you love these processes so much - it looks totally absorbing. The finishes and tones that you achieve on the metal are truly stunning and I love the bangles and cuffs - they look so yummy and tactile. Breathtaking.

    I'm sorry you're living in an ACTUAL freezer! The weather reports look horrendous and you completely have my sympathy. It's mostly just wet and rainy here.....but then, this IS Britain so we're all kinda USED to that 365 days a year! ha ha. Sending sunshine and hugs from Shroo:)xxxxx

  2. That spinner ring is gorgeous! The texture is fantastic! But, I love those bangles! The one with the labradorite is gorgeous!! It my favorite stone and that one is beautiful with it's flashes of blue!
    It is soooo beautiful today and we are experiencing the same thing you are, copious amounts of melting snow down the downspouts! Hooorayyy! It was quite a week and when I think about last Sunday I can believe the change. And, I also agree about Day Light Savings time. It's stupid and I hate it.

  3. The spinner ring is a Masterpiece! Everyone will love it! The texture is fantastic! Bravo!

  4. Love how you are branching out! A spinner bracelet would be so much fun to fiddle with. And that bracelet with the lab is gorgeous. A lot of flash.

    As far as weather, I think I would trade you. I had to now my lawn today.

  5. I loved getting a look inside the studio Patti! you've got some pretty impressive tools on your bench!! and what gorgeous things come out of that studio ... of course you know already how much I love those spinner rings ... but bracelets too? these are just lovely - especially that Labradorite bezel!

  6. You always show several pieces of pure beauty and today is no different :-) What a gorgeous labradorite bracelet! WoW! And that spinner ring has so much great texture to it. The spinner bracelets, new tools, videos ~ they all speak of your dedication, thirst to keep learning, and continued commitment to your art. Keep going! Those two spinners are looking good and you will work out the kinks with the others.

  7. I love reading about your delving into new techniques. Very inspiring! I agree - I usually like winter, but this year I can't wait for spring. Even though it was a relatively mild winter here in my part of the midwest.

  8. Isn't Solham great? I've been wanting some stakes but man are they expensive! I've been playing with micro forming. Fun stuff!

  9. Isn't Solham great? I've been wanting some stakes but man are they expensive! I've been playing with micro forming. Fun stuff!