Thursday, March 12, 2015

You Spin Me Round Round......

I have to admit - this song blasted in my head the entire time I made these spinner bangles.

Not my first (second or third, for that matter) choice of music - I am more of a Hard Rock and Country kinda gal.  But, I was 25 years old when that song came out and I hate to admit it, but I remember it quite well! :)  

Okay - enough of that!  I am feeling accomplished these past few days, as I completed several spinner style bangles!  It finally clicked, and I found "the sweet spot" on the steel stakes, and I just could not stop!  

Here are the first two spinners - naked copper and all!

I much prefer the patina versions...

Two are very wide - two are slightly smaller.  Big difference when creating and hammering the metal.  I myself prefer the textured over the smooth bangles.

You will notice in the Group picture above that one of the bangles does not fit the category of Spinner Bangles.  I mentioned in my last post the jewelry artist Soham Harrison.  He has many You-Tube videos on specific techniques (simply Google his name - he will show up)!  I took one of those techniques and altered it ever so slightly.

This technique look a lot easier on his video, but I used 10 gauge copper.  Though forged and annealed, it was an intense few moments wrapping it!  I love the focal it creates.

Sadly, I have not touched a single bead in ages...AGES.  I have been enveloped in metal....I miss my beads and must get back to incorporating them....sooner rather than later!

I cannot believe it is Thursday already.  I am not sure where this week has gone!

Thank you so much for stopping by - have a wonderful rest of the week!



  1. Love love love love them! Beautiful

  2. These are all fantastic! You are getting to be a expert metal worker! I love the twisted bangle, it really is cool.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather. We deserve it!

  3. The textures are really beautiful...and don't worry, your beads will wait for you!

  4. Love the bangles, Patti... and the video brought back memories (we're about the same age) :) My son came in the room with a pained look on his face, that wasn't helped by the "dance moves" displayed by DOA *TeeHee*

  5. I love the bangles, both textured and not. Also the twisted non-spinner one!

  6. ha! oh I remember that song for sure. I'm an 'Indie' girl, so this was on my play list (truth be told - LOL). I love that you have taken this 'spinner' concept and created a whole line of bangles!! your metal work is just pure eye candy to me - LOVE it

  7. I will fight to keep that song out of my head today! I didn't like it then and surely don't like it now, but it is easy to see why it was in your head the whole time. Despite the mental soundtrack playing when you were making these, they turned out to be fabulous!!! The spin, texture, warmth of the patina ---awesome! They must be so much fun to play with!!!

  8. These are gorgeous. I love to fiddle so those spinner bangles would be soooo much fun to wear.

  9. Yes, these are gorgeous bangles...Lots of work to get that fabulous texture, I imagine! I always enjoy your posts, beautiful jewelry, information and now MUSIC! Who could ask for anything more?